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SKI ON WEDNESDAY or saturday

• An instructor of ESF Sainte Foy will make your child improve during the whole season.

  • Tremplin
You live in Sainte Foy or nearby? Come and ski with ESF every Wednesday afternoons.
From 3 years old, children will progress and play with their friends in small groups.
Beginners will start in the children garden, and then they will progress and receive their level medals from Ourson to Gold Star.

  • Club ESF 
The ESF team offers to take your children skiing every Saturday afternoons in a real friendly atmosphere. 
Here is the program of the season depending on snow conditions: technique on slopes, off-piste, slalom, etc. And lots of fun!
Level required for Club ESF: Gold star.
Subject to 5 registered persons.

 to request for an estimate for Club ESF or Tremplin
Horaires et Tarifs
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